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My (our) hearts desire is to bring to our community the Word of God through music; that the Lord Jesus Christ would use our small offering of praise to bring others to think about their eternity. That our friends and neighbors in the Syracuse area (or where ever or music is heard)would consider where they stand in the light of God's Word, and maybe someone might commit their life to the Lord Jesus Christ and consider, learn and obey His Word.


So the day finally arrived, the release of our debut CD; PATMOS on October 9th 2013. It took 3 years of hard work for our band, we made up of 7 full time non-musicians working, living, and worshipping in the greater Syracuse, NY, area.

So how did this happen you might ask. Some of us have some sort of musical training and we all love music. Our first love though is the Lord Jesus Christ, His spirit, and His Word. When you put the Word of God together with music you have a wonderfully power full sound to bless the Lord and see lives changed (only Jesus can change a life).

It really started within myself, my passion for the Lord, music and my composer help; my guitar. I loved being at house fellowships, worshipping for hours, lifting up His name and bringing others into His presence. As the psalmist said in Psa. 95:2 Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. I was praying that the Lord could use me more in this area, I was not sure exactly how, but I knew one thing…I believed.

One night I was approached after church I was approached by my 2 brothers John and Tony (John Laurin bass & vocals, and Tony Ariola drums, percussion and all things audio visual) and they said lets start a band. I said OK lets start a band. Soon joined by Steve Popp (lead guitar). Today we also have Gabrielle Virag (piano and keyboards), Josh Brown (whistles, percussion and impeccable vocals), James Weimar (percussion) and Tommy Leader (percussion).

I was working already pretty hard at bringing thoughts and circumstances to life through our music; with the premise of pointing all arrows of direction to the Lord. This is for His Glory!

So I’m already looking forward to another recoding session, maybe next year…God willing. So let the music move you and the lyrics challenge you to a closer walk with the Lord; or maybe starting your first step with Him. After all He did die for your sins, turn from your ways and turn towards Him. Jesus is Mighty to save!

—David Bender

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